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  1. What is the technique used by fraudsters to steal your personal information (credit card number, passwords, etc.) by posing as your bank via an email or a fake website ?
    • The spamdexing
    • The backdoor
    • The phishing
  2. What's an IP address ?
    • A number that identifies each computer hardware (computer, router, printer) connected to a computer network
    • The communication protocol used on the Internet
    • The address of a website, starting with "http://"
  3. In what unit is the frequency (number of cycles per second) of a microprocessor measured ?
    • En Go (gigaoctet)
    • En Ghz (gigahertz)
    • En MIPS (million d’instructions par seconde)
  4. What does the "Drag and Drop" action mean ?
    • Drag/Drop
    • Copy/paste
    • Cut/drop
  5. What does FTP mean ?
    • File Transmission Protocol
    • Fiber twisted pairs
    • File Transfer Protocol
  6. What's a CPU ?
    • A graphic card
    • A processor
    • A hard disk
  7. What is RAM (Random Access Memory) ?
    • The RAM of a computer, which is lost when the power supply is switched off
    • A computer’s ROM, which does not erase when the device is no longer powered
  8. What is the name of the operating system developed by Google ?
    • Chrome
    • Chrome OS
    • Chrobuntu
  9. What is Hardware ?
    • components, tower of the Pc, you can touch it
    • Operating systems and applications, you can't touch it
  10. You pass your exam and this is the last question; if the computer does not start, what is the first thing you do ?
    • I’m taking it to a repairman
    • I check/see if the computer is plugged in
    • I throw it away and buy a new one
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