Descendants quiz
How good do you know descendants
7 issues
1. Mals fav colour is ....
a Purple
b Blue and purple
c Orange and pink
d Green
2. One kiss ...... sing by
a Evie and Mal
b Evie
c Ben and mal
d Audrey
3. Mals real name is ....
a Mal
b Fiona
c Victoria
d Dove
4. Had is ?
a Mals dad
b Evies dad
c Carloss dad
d Jays dad
5. Carlos have a :
a Dog
b Cat
c Robot
d Wand
6. Do you like Descendants ?
a I dont think so
b Noo
c I hate descendants
d Of course i like descendants
7. Continue the lyric .dont freak out its okay ......
a Cuz true love can save the day
b You and me are till the end
c Whatt....
d Of course you like me babe