Delivery Beta
30 questions Beta Delivery.
by TomBartoccioni
30 issues
1. When is the tea time in england?
a 14h
b 16h
c 17h
d 18
2. What is the name of the queen of England?
a Elisabeth
b Elisabeth II
c Diana
d Margaret
3. Based on what fish and chips are made?
a Fried fish + fries
b Cooked fish + fries
c Row fish + fries
d Cooked fish + row fries
4. Based on what the pudding are made?
a Chocolate cake + ginger
b Fruit cake + tomato
c Fruit cake + lemon
d Fruit cake + ginger
5. In what year did Elisabeth II became queen?
a 1952
b 1955
c 1950
d 1960
6. Which flower is the emblem of England?
a A rose
b A lavender
c A poppy
d A daisy
7. What is the name of the english national anthem?
a God save the king
b Goddess save the queen
c God save the queen
d Goddess save the king
8. When did the great fire in London took place?
a 1653
b 1656
c 1663
d 1666
9. When was the first volume of the Harry Potter saga released?
a 1995
b 1997
c 2000
d 2001
10. What is the color of london taxis?
a Yellow
b Black
c Blue
d Red
11. What does English people eat at breakfast?
a Bread and butter
b Jam
c Cereals
d Egg bacon pancakes sausage
12. What’s the origin of the name of the England?
a A tribe named “Angles”
b It sounded good
c Came from the settlers
13. Where does the nickname of England “the treacherous Albion” come from?
a Battle against the Germany
b Battle against the Spain
c Battle against the French
d Battle against the Ireland
14. Where are Cornwall?
a At the west of the England
b At the east of the England
c At the north of the England
d At the south of the England
15. What’s the currency of England?
a The Dollar
b The dinar
c the euro
d the pound
16. What is the English political system?
a A parliamentary monarchy
b A dictatorship
c A democracy
d A communist regime
17. How many times has England already organized the Olympic Games?
a 1
b 2
c 3
d 4
18. When did the Battle of Britain take place?
a 1930
b 1933
c 1937
d 1940
19. What is the name of the sea that separates the United Kingdom from France?
a The sleeve
b The English Channel
c The button
20. Which city connects the Channel Tunnel?
a Brighton and Calais
b Calais and Folkestone
c NewHaven and Boulogne
21. What is the name of the english capital?
a Édimbourg
b Paris
c Cardiff
d London
22. Scotland is it in the south of England?
a True
b False
23. Where leave the England Queen?
a Buckingham palace
b Big Ben
c The shard
d Windsor Castle
24. What is the height of Big Ben?
a 92m
b 96m
c 100m
d 102m
25. How is named the hat of the queen guards?
a Tigerskin
b Dogskin
c Catskin
d Bearskin
26. Who is the head of the Commonwealth?
a The England queen
b The England king
c The England prince
d The England princess
27. Who built Big Ben?
a C.Barry and A.Pugin
b Charles Darwin
c Karl Marx
28. When Big Ben was built?
a 1850
b 1855
c 1859
d 1863
29. What is the big tennis tournament in England?
a Roland-Garros
b US Open
c Indian Wells
d Wimbledon
30. What is the name of the last great grandson of the Queen of England?
a Archie
b George
c Louis