Vocabulary - Holidays
by Jitka
8 issues
1. Complete the sentence. We travelled by
a Trolley
b Airport
c Plane
d Suicase
2. Complete the sentence. A man checked our ....at the airport.
a Caravan
b Labels
c Passports
d Passengers
3. Complete the sentence. I unpacked my.....
a Campsite
b Suitcase
c Wedding
d Plane
4. Where is a runway?
a At the airport
b On the plane
c At school
d In the station
5. Marriage is
a Holidays
b Funeral
c Wedding
d Christening
6. A seaside is
a Cliff
b Theme park
c Beach
d Campside
7. A name sticker is
a A suitcase
b Book
c Label
d Poster
8. A bivouac is similar word for
a Camping
b Cottage
c Hotel
d Montains