London Tour
How much do you know about London ? Read the questions and choose the correct answer
by Englishcorner
16 issues
1. Queen Elizabeth official residence is...
a Kingdom Palace
b Birmingham Castle
c Buckingham Palace
d Westminster Abbey
2. This monument is called the ....
a Big Ben
b Big Wheel
c Big Eye
d London Eye
3. The big bell inside the London clock tower is the...
a Tower Bridge
b London Eye
c Westminster Abbey
d Big Ben
4. London taxi is also called....
a Black Jack
b Black cab
c Redcoat
d Black panther
5. Which landmark is it ?
a London Tour
b Big Ben
c Tower Bridge
d Westminster Abbey
6. The currency used in the UK is ...
a The Euro
b The Dollar
c The Yen
d The Pound Sterling
7. On the British banknotes there is a portrait of ....
a The royal family
b Kate Middleton
c Queen Elizabeth II
d Prince Charles
8. What is this coin ?
a 1 penny
b 5 pence
c 2 pence
d 1 pound
9. Prince Philip is ....
a Queen Elizabeth's brother
b Queen Elizabeth's husband
c Queen Elizabeth'son
d Prince William's brother
10. Prince Charles has got ...
a Two daughters
b Five children
c One child
d Two sons
11. Kate is ......
a Prince Harry's cousin
b Prince William's sister
c Prince William's wife
d Prince William's brother
12. William and Kate have got :
a 4 children
b 2 children
c 3 children
d 1 child
13. Prince Harry is ....
a Meghan's boyfriend
b Meghan's brother
c Meghan's cousin
d Meghan's husband
14. How much are the shoes ?
a Twenty euros
b Twenty pence
c Twenty pounds
d Twenty-five pounds
15. How much is the hat ?
a Eight pounds
b One penny
c Twelve pounds
d Ten pounds
16. How much is it ?
a Ninety-nine pound
b Zero penny
c Ninety-nine pence
d Nine pence