Full of questions about the United States. alysee.auffret
by alysee.auffret
20 issues
1. The number of States in the USA ?
a There are 50 States
b There are 53 States
c There are 33 States
d There are 22 States
2. What is the capital of the USA ?
a The capital is New York
b The capital is Virginie
c The capital is Washington
d The capital is Chicago
3. What is the longest river in the USA ?
a It's the Missouri
b It's the Mississippi
c It's the Columbia
d It's the Arkansas
4. Where is the living place of the Ppresident of the USA ?
a It's the white house
b It's the black house
c It's the gray house
d It's the red house
5. How many colonies were there on the Atlantic coast in 1607 ?
a There were 6 colonies
b There were 13 colonies
c There were 12 colonies
d There were 2 colonies
6. Who created the USA ?
a It's Bill Clinton
b It's Donald Trump
c It's George Washington
d It's Barack Obama
7. What is the name of the first colony in the United States ?
a It's New York
b It's New Jersey
c It's Virginia
d It's Georgia
8. What is the name of Donald Trump's father ?
a It is Maryanne Trump
b It is Frederick Christ Trump
c It is Eric Trump
d It is Ivana Trump
9. What is the population of the USA of America ?
a 327.2 million inhabitants
b 547.6 million inhabitants
c 345.1 million inhabitants
d 234.5 million inhabitants
10. What is the most populous State in the USA?
a It's Texas
b It's New York
c It's Florida
d It's California
11. Which of these States is not a U.S. state?
a It is Cleveland
b It is Wyoming
c It is Ontario
d It is Maine
12. What city is Hollywood in?
a It's Los Angeles
b It's San Fransisco
c It's Santa Monica
d It's Seattle
13. Who was the President of the United States before Obama ?
a It is George Washington
b It is Mitt Romney
c It is Georges W Bush
d It is Bill Gates
14. Where's Brooklyn ?
a It's at New York
b It's at Chicago
c It's at Los Angeles
d It's at Boston
15. What is the best known route ?
a It's route 22
b It's route 66
c It's route 938
d It's route 77
16. What is the most important newspaper in the United States?
a It's The Wall Street Journal
b It's Newsday
c It's Star Tribune
d It's Los Angeles Times
17. What is this monument ?
a It's State Building Empire
b It's the Eiffel Tower
c It's Mount Rushmore
d It's the Statue of Liberty
18. What state is Everglades Park in ?
a It's in Arkansas
b It's in Washington
c It's in Louisiana
d It's in Florida
19. In Florida, in which city is Disneyworld ?
a It's in Orlando
b It's in Miami
c It's in Tampa
d It's in Tallahassee
20. Who is the Prime Minister ?
a It's Prince Charles
b It's Boris Jonhson
c It's David Cameron
d It's Tony Blair