Do You Really Know Jung Hoseok
Do you really know who the real sunshine is ?
by InfayaJiminButt
8 issues
1. When is his birthday ?
a 94/02/18
b 94/03/18
c 94/02/08
d 95/02/18
2. How do you write his name in korean ?
a 햇빛
b 호석
c 정호석
d 제이홉
3. What's the name of his dog ?
a Micky
b Mickey
c Kkanji
d Jjangu
4. What is his favorite number ?
a 7
b 17
c 8
d 69
5. He is the main dancer of BTS.
a True
b False
6. What Hoseok DID NOT say ?
a "I hate snakeu"
b (To Rapmonster) "I apologize for your existence"
c "I was going to the bathroom but I can’t because we won an award"
d "I’ll make my haters puke"
7. What Hoseok did say ?
a "That seagull over there has a girlfriend, but how come I can't get one"
b "Cheaters never win. But I just graduated."
c "Hannah Montana says nobody's perfect. But here I am."
d "I'm very loser"
8. Roses are red, violets are blue...
a I hate snakeu
b I like snakes.