F1 1/2 Scale Helmets - Part 2
Good luck guys, share your result!
by Ben
10 issues
1. Which driver have the largest number of his helmets reproduced in 1/2 scale?
a Alonso
b Button
c Hamilton
d M. Schumacher
2. What is the name of this helmet shape?
a Bell AFX-1
b Bell M3
c Bell XFM-1
d Bell K1
3. To celebrate how many years in F1, McLaren has released this series of helmets?
a 30
b 40
c 50
d 60
4. Guess the driver
a Hunt
b Ickx
c Lauda
d Räikkönen
5. To celebrate which event this helmet was offered by Schuberth to Nico Rosberg?
a His Wedding
b The birth of his daughter
c His victory at the German GP 2014
d His victory at the Monaco GP 2015
6. Which tobacco sponsor is missing on those visor strips?
a Winfield
b Marlboro
c West
d Gauloises
7. Who is the manufacturer of this 1/2 helmet?
a Sid Special Paint
b Sports Mini Line
c Minichamps
d Sports Models
8. In which year Alonso used this helmet?
a 2003
b 2005
c 2006
d 2004
9. Why Renault Sport F1 asked Bell to make this 1/2 helmet in 2013?
a To celebrate a new partner
b To celebrate the end of the year
c To celebrate the title and the end of the V8 era
d To celebrate the Twizy RS F1 concept
10. Who is the original painter of this Hamilton 2013 helmet?
a JLF Designs
b Uffe Designs
c Helmart Designs
d Kaos Design