Home And Away ღ Quiz
If you think you are a real ♡Home and Away♡ fan then you HAVE to take this quiz. There are only general questions about what is happening at The Bay!
by zotspook
10 issues
1. Who was Pippa's first husband?
a Michael
b Tom
c John
d Flynn
2. What's the name of the hospital on "Home an Away"?
a Bay Hospital
b Yabbie Creek Hospital
c Summer Bay Hospital
d Northern District Hospital
3. Who was Tasha's half brother?
a Ric
b Kim
c Dylan
d Henry
4. Who bought the Caravan Park off Tasha for Sally an Flynn?
a Alf
b Pippa
c Leah
d Donald
5. What is the name of Will and Gypsy's baby?
a Molly
b Lily
c Daisy
d Chloe
6. How many Hunter children are there?
a 5
b 4
c 7
d 6
7. What was the name of Colleen's long lost daughter that she gave up for adoption?
a Debra
b Barbara
c Maureen
d Maggie
8. How many real children does Irene have?
a 5
b 4
c 3
d 6
9. What is the name of Tasha and Robbie's baby girl?
a Ella
b Milly
c Tara
d Eva
10. Who is Nicoles dad?
a Miles
b Tony
c Roman
d Kane